Solved: SharePoint Returning a Blank Page

After installing SharePoint Server 2010 on my fresh copy of Windows 7 I was seeing a completely blank page when hitting the site. Central admin was showing an empty page too. The blank page showed up almost immediately after navigating to the url, so it appeared to not even be trying to load.

After much digging and prodding I stumbled across the answer: I had forgotten to tick the Windows Authentication box when installing the IIS7 features.

So I enabled it like this: Control Panel > Programs and Features > Turn Windows features on or off >Internet Information Services > World Wide Web Services > Security >tick ‘Windows Authentication’, did an iisreset for good measure, and smiled as SharePoint loaded up.

There are probably many other reasons why one might get a blank page when hitting their SharePoint site, but if you run into this one, remember to check if all the relevant IIS features are installed. You never know.


3 thoughts on “Solved: SharePoint Returning a Blank Page

  1. Thanks for that – I’ve also encountered this within 2010 when a user attempted to access an extranet site. After further investigation it was found that the port for that site had been blocked by their internal IT department. (Just thought I’d add that to the tips 😀 )

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