Folders in SharePoint Pages Library

An irritating problem that our team ran into this morning is the fact that folders in the Pages library are not supported.

We tried forcing the Pages library to accept subfolders – this does not work – items are added at the root of the Pages library no matter which folder you try to add them to. According to the article above, “Although the Pages library can be configured to let you create subfolders, many of the Pages library features will not recognize any subfolders that you create.

I’m not sure what the real reason was behind this decision, but it seems quite odd that this common functionality is not supported. Organising and categorizing content is one of the primary functions of any CMS, so when utilising SharePoint’s content management functionality one expects to be able to perform basic operations such as grouping content into folders.

In order to show a list of grouped Pages on our site, we now have to resort to workarounds such as using metadata to organise Pages, or creating subsites recursively to recreate a hierarchical structure of Page libraries.

If anyone has figured out a solution to this problem, I’m all ears… 🙂


4 thoughts on “Folders in SharePoint Pages Library

  1. Folders are often used to provide some kind of categorization or taxonomy to items or documents. But one item or document can be in one folder only – the old-style file system problem renewed in SharePoint. So its a much better approach to really categorize items or documents by assigning categories (e.g. from a lookup list). After categorizing items can be better found using content discovery components like additional navigations, category-trees, A-Z index, tag clouds, related items lists etc.
    This works for all items and documents, so for pages too.

    Check this out:
    Regards, Frank

  2. Unfortunately SharePoint doesn’t allow folders in a pages library at all, so the ability to categorize pages in this way is unfortunately unavailable. Does SharePartXXL solve this issue?

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