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Huge list of SharePoint WCM web sites

This is pretty neat. Ian Morrish has put together a list of web sites built using SharePoint WCM. Check out the screenshots from his top 100 here, or see the full list of more than 300 sites.

Optimizing Performance with SharePoint WCM

A significant issue you face with a WCM site is that the SharePoint page processing pipeline adds a lot of extra weight to the page payload—or page size—by adding certain default files such as core.js, core.css, init.js, and ie55up.js, which can add approximately 500 KBs uncompressed to the original page size. These extra KBs can add up to 10–20 seconds of download time on slower connections and can make the site performance unacceptable.

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Showing Progress in SharePoint via Code

Here’s an interesting post on how to show an “Operation in Progress” page in SharePoint from code.


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